Membership Info

In order to take full advantage of everything LidPingers has to offer we have created a Premium service to ensure you are getting the quality and content you deserve.

Becoming a Lidpinger member is free to join, but based on what level of involvement you wish to partake within our community will vary if you choose to become a paid member. Please see below for information relating to what each member level gets you. At the start of each month we post the coming months schedule and times sheets and selections will be available. This months schedule has already been posted there.

For any other questions regarding membership, feel free to email us at

Guests are entitled to :

  • Full Forum Access
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Access to purchase shares in Lidpinger syndicates
  • Participation in Monthly Tipping Competitions

Full members, based on their membership level, are entited to everything above plus the following :

  • 24/7 access to a Members Only Live Chat
  • Upto 15 Betting Sheets per month (Click to see)
  • Upto 2 Premium Selections per day
  • Priority access to shares available in Lidpinger Syndications



$ 0

  • Forum Access
  • Newsletter Weekly


$ 25

  • Live Chat
  • 1 Betting Sheet Per Month


$ 100

  • Live Chat
  • 6 Betting Sheets Per Month
  • 1 Premium Tip Per Day


$ 200

  • Live Chat
  • 15 Betting Sheets Per Month
  • 2 Premium Tips Per Day