Membership Info

In order to take full advantage of everything LidPingers has to offer we have created a Premium service to ensure you are getting the quality and content you deserve.

Becoming a Lidpinger member is free to join, but based on what level of involvement you wish to partake within our community will vary if you choose to become a paid member. Please see below for information relating to what each member level gets you. For any questions regarding membership, feel free to email us at

Guests are entitled to :

  • Full Forum Access
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Access to purchase shares in Lidpinger syndicates
  • Participation in Monthly Tipping Competitions

Full members, based on their membership level, are entited to everything above plus the following :

  • 24/7 access to a Members Only Live Chat
  • Upto 15 Betting Sheets per month (Click to see)
  • Upto 2 Premium Selections per day
  • Priority access to shares available in Lidpinger Syndications



$ 0

  • Forum Feature
  • Newsletter Daily


$ 25

  • Live Chat
  • 1 Betting Sheet Per Month


$ 100

  • Live Chat
  • 6 Betting Sheets Per Month
  • 1 Premium Tip Per Day


$ 200

  • Live Chat
  • 15 Betting Sheets Per Month
  • 2 Premium Tips Per Day