Lidpingers Owners club

Welcome to our Syndication page, where members can get involved in owning and racing a greyhound. At the moment, we only purchase
tried and proven race dogs over unraced pups so we have an inkling as what their ability and worth is. In the near future, we
are going to be expanding into the breeding industry so you can live the experience from day dot!

All greyhounds we own are on a 50/50 deal with their trainers which means there are never any weekly fee’s to pay! Whatever you pay
in your share price is all inclusive of everything. We can arrange for you to meet both the greyhound and trainer either at home or at
the race track where you can pat your greyhound and take a picture with it! For all enquires or interest, feel free to email us or
drop a message in the enquiry form below.

A few of our current dogs

Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbet is a fawn bitch whelped in Jan 2016. It is sired by Where’s Pedro x Push It.

We purchased this greyhound in a package deal with her sister Sunset Licorice from WA and decided to keep them there for the moment. Sherbet came to us with the impressive record of 20 starts for 4 wins and 9 placings. The plan for this greyhound, just like her sister, is to continue to target the short course races around Mandurah and Cannington and then depending on if any strength is built, try over a shade longer or give Victoria a whirl with the extra tracks for short courses.

Since arriving to its new kennel at Glen Price’s establishment it has settled in well but has been around a week or so off racing in comparison to Licorice due to a minor injury that we want 100% right.

Roger’s Dreamin

Roger’s Dreamin is a Black and White dog whelped in Jan 2015. It is sired by Magic Sprite x Ruby Ha Ha.

We purchased this greyhound in a package deal with his brother Neo Ha Ha from Victoria and sent them directly to WA. They came with both very good win and place strike rates and we expected that to continue interstate. The target was races in the 300-400m range with potential to move around to 490m at Mandurah as they matured.

Similiar to his brother, placings have been more prominent then wins, but since moving to WA he has had 18 starts for the 1 win but 7 minor placings. He is an exceptionally honest dog and puts in every week so expect alot of cheques for the next year with him.

Bera Na Liva

Bera Na Liva was the cheapest of all our dogs to date at just $1,200. He had some issues when purchased, hence the price, but with some good work from it’s current trainer and placement has seen the greyhound win 2 races and place 2 times amongst some other meritable runs already since moving from NSW.

Being whelped in March ’15, it has a lot of races to go and should win plenty. It’s racing pattern is very specific. It is not known as a fast beginner and it is desperate for the rails. It is also exceptionally clumsy which is not a great trait to have, but you can’t knock its ability with some solid wins and effort when getting clear running and he will be a dog to follow for the rest of his career on the one turn tracks.


Want to get involved with a Lidpinger dog? Message us below and let me us know and we can fill you in on what is available and upcoming.